So, you’re ready to publish and sell your new book, without having to learn complicated, time-consuming marketing strategies.


 You’re in the right place.


Inside the Author Success Society, you can get my simple, affordable, and complete step-by-step process to sell more books, just like you always wanted.




Before the Forbes & BET features, the travel, and the success, I was in the SAME shoes you’re in right now. 


Super excited to have finally hit publish on your book, and add "published author" to your resume.


BUT, now what?


It’s like you suddenly need to become a “master of marketing” too, but you don’t know where to start.

  • “Is there a simple marketing strategy that doesn’t require an MBA & (more) student loans?”

  • “How can I swing this with everything else I’m juggling (family, day job, LIFE)?”

  • “How do I keep costs down? What can I expect in terms of profit?”

  • And “How can I sell enough copies for your book to become an extra income stream?”

Now, if you’re feeling trapped in a tsunami of questions, trust me you are NOT alone.


The truth is, creating the book brings us so much joy.


But without the right guidance, selling the book can feel more like a struggle.


That’s a wildly low number. 


Over 7 billion people on the planet and authors struggle to get more than 200 to buy their books!? 


You don’t have to be one of those authors though if you know why this happens and how to prevent it in your own journey. 


You’re ready to put in the work (that’s why you’ve been doing it)!  


You just need a proven strategy! 


If you could find that missing piece, you could finally start seeing SALES on your book, like Leenadria, D.M, Bieunkah, and Gerzalle:

Leenadria sold 400 books in her 1st bulk order! 

D.M. sold over 600 books in 24 hours and earned over $10K in a day! 

Gerzalle sold over 200 books after launching her book!

Bieunkah received her first bulk order after joining the Society! 

You are not going to find a proven strategy on Google & YouTube. 


I mean, I get that Google is the first step for information. We ALL start there. 


And honestly, I think it’s a necessary step in the process! 


When you start down any path, it helps to look at the big-picture, generic advice to see IF this is something you want to do. 

Wouldn’t you rather protect your time, minimize your risk of failing, and secure your bag💰 !?


I thought so! 


But tell me this.


How many of your precious hours and days are you spending:


  • Being stuck not knowing where to start

  • Piecing together hit-or-miss, watered-down, expensive, and unproven “strategies”

  • Burning money you didn’t have to lose on a flop

  • Fearing you’ll make all the wrong choices and mess this up for yourself


    Don’t you wish somebody would just point you in the right direction and just TELL you WHAT to do and HOW to do it to get that book selling, already?


    Then you’re in the right place. 

    Because you’re about to get your hands on the SAME methods that are working for so many other authors: 

Mind if I shout out some of the big WINS from my students in the Society?

When I’m looking to hire a mentor or join a program, the first thing I do is read their student success stories so I'll be sprinkling all of my "book girl magic" throughout this page so you can see what joining the Society can do for you! Zoom in to read ALL these wins, especially the first one...

Because, right now, sales aren’t going that well, right?

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of authors are hustling at this point in their journey.

You might be giving copies to your friends and relatives, and they say they LOVE it!

They’re calling you an “author” now and it feels SO good.

But, when they ask “How’re the book sales?” you kinda wished they wouldn’t ask you that.

You just don’t know what to say.

So, you come up with some generic “Oh, it's good” to shut down the conversation.


Then you stay up at night and go to google “how to sell more books” 


On a good day, you try to reach out to some influencers and journalists, maybe even set up some ads on Google or Facebook, because some article on some website told you you should. 


But, your inbox stays empty.


No replies. No purchases. Juuuust crickets.


I know because I’m an author, just like you, and I got this marketing thing NAILED.


It’s how I've sold over half a million books.

Figuring out how to market my books helped me:

  • Get featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, BET, etc
  • Sell over 500k copies of my books
  • Live my best life traveling to events, signing books, and meeting fans
  • Live as a full-time writer
  • Get influencers, podcasters, and others to reply to my emails, offering collabs.
  • Have my phone ringing with notifications from my book sales.


But most authors don’t even sell 200 books in their lifetime. 


Let alone enough to hit the best seller’s list. 


The question is, why?

Here’s my take:


✅ They are guessing their way to success 


✅ They’re using Google & YouTube University as their portals for “education”


✅ They are paralyzed by their fear of failure and give up early (this happens a LOT)


✅ They put money into PR firms & agencies that don’t know how to sell books.


The one common thread in all of these is that authors aren’t selling their books because they haven’t figured out the right way TO sell their books. 


And it seems to me like if more authors knew the right way, more authors would be selling more books. 


Makes sense, doesn’t it?


Luckily, unlike the majority of authors who are destined to struggle, YOU’VE found someone who can teach you the right way! (Spoiler alert: It's me!)

In case we’ve never met before, please allow me to introduce myself.


I’m Crystal Swain-Bates and I have a knack for showing authors how to generate revenue and earn a FULL-TIME living with their words.


With over 500,000 copies of my own self-published books sold, I KNOW what I’m doing when it comes to publishing and SELLING books! 


I have a proven track record because I did it for myself AND helped so many other authors do the same thing! 


This is what you should know about me before I tell you anything else:


  • I have 15 children’s books under my belt, and I published and promoted all of them ON MY OWN! My books are sold all over the world!

  • But that’s not all. I’m an award-winning author and one of my books “Big Hair, Don’t Care” is at the top of the list of self-published children books, with some stellar reviews!

  • I’ve been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, BET, The Huffington Post, and soooo many TV shows, commercials - you name it! 


Erika used the resources in the Society to be featured on Fox5 News! 

Since joining the Society, Tiffani has become an international TEDx speaker and has been featured by numerous platforms! 

And Danielle who sold over 200 books in one month...


And Renée who’s KILLING it with speaking gigs AND bulk book sales!

Take a look at Sharifa’s screenshot of having the #1 New Release on Amazon! 


And SO MANY others!

Want to be my next success? You can get everything they got, and more, inside…

Inside the Author Success Society, you’ll unlock a treasure chest of expert-level training, been-there-done-that support, proven resources, and step-by-step guidance so you can get the answers you need to turn your book into a money-making


This is the right membership for you even if just ONE of the following things sounds like something you’d like for yourself:


☑️  No more guessing. Take my proven blueprint that’s sold over 500,000 books, and plug it into your journey so YOU can get the results from it. 

☑️  Remove the “time” issue. You don’t have to do nearly as much as you think you do to sell your books. You just have to do the SMART things. And there are only a few of them. Once I show you, you’ll find that it’s MUCH easier to fit this into your day. Yes, even if you have a day job and kids! 

☑️  Do you daydream of the first time someone asks you to sign their book? Now you get to make it happen - regularly. Discover how to keep your inbox packed with invitations to events and promotions. Get booked throughout the year and enjoy the lifestyle of a money-making, book-signing author.

☑️  Actually HIT your financial and publishing goals by following a step-by-step roadmap to success. Want to publish two books a year? Got a specific financial goal in mind? You just need to follow through with a blueprint that’s laid out for you.


☑️  Find out how to turn your growing book sales into a steady income stream WITHOUT being a marketing wiz. Gain clarity of the entire selling process that’s been holding you back.

☑️  Make that dream of becoming a successful, published, full-time author a reality. Get your hands on a roadmap that helped me get featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Amazon. Publish a book with a purpose, and make it a success.

☑️  Stop seeing marketing as a problem, and make it work for you instead. Master the strategy that allows you to spend hours and not days promoting your book like a pro.

Sounds amazing, right? It is!

So, how does The Author Success Society work?

Here’s what you get:

Monthly Q&A Sessions


It’s one thing to learn the formula, but it’s an entirely different thing to apply it.


What if there are things about your situation that feel unique?

What if you have follow-up questions?


I’ve got you covered!


Every month, you get to sit with me and my team and ask any questions you have.

Pick my brain. Ask me anything about your book, marketing, strategy, or anything book-related. I won’t hold anything back and I’ll share everything I know about book publishing and promotion!

Deep Dive Monthly Masterclasses and Workshops

Every month, you’ll get exclusive access to LIVE workshops and a growing treasure chest of pre-recorded lessons available to you 24/7, such as: 


  • Bulk Orders Blueprint

  • How to Get 5 Figure School Contracts for Authors (this is a must watch)

  • AI for Authors

  • How to Vend Like a Pro 

  • Launch Your Book Like a Pro (3 Part Book Launch Series)

  • Pitch Like a Pro (Learn how to get booked to speak!)

  • Copyright and Trademarking for Authors

  • How to Get Grants (Free Money) for Authors

  • Merchandising 101

  • Amazon Ads for Authors

  • Amazon KDP Keywords Clinic (learn HOW to choose the most profitable keywords)

  • 10 Books You Can Publish For Profits, Without Writing a Word (this is key to earning more from publishing)

  • How to Get Ready for Retail (Getting Your Products Into Stores)

  • Amazon Sales Page Success 

  • How to Promote and Market Your Books on LinkedIn

    And much,
    much more!

    And if you can’t make it to the live training? DON’T WORRY. They will all be recorded for you to access, and just bring your questions to the Q&As!


Monthly Guest Expert Trainings

I’m sure you’ve already realized there’s more to being a full-time author than meets the eye. You aren’t just writing all day, you’re running a business. And there’s a lot to learn! 


But I’ve got you covered there too! 


No need to spend money on hiring a marketing person, a business coach, a financial advisor, or a sales professional. You’ll meet them HERE. 


You’ll get monthly access to industry leaders in business areas that are CRIT-I-CAL to your success, including marketing, social media, money mindset, sales, and more! 


Use their expert advice to run your book business like a pro while saving a fortune on consultancy fees. 


And again, if you ever want to be there, but can’t make it, don’t sweat it. You can catch it later as an on-demand video! 

But that’s not all that you’ll be getting. Let’s take a look at the bonuses:

Let's really fast-track your success!

Bonus #1: My Social Media Calendar

This is my 365-Day, no-brainer, “plug-and-play” social media calendar that eliminates the guesswork of knowing what to post and when (and also eliminates the need to hire a social media team!)


If you’re struggling with keeping up with what to post, this will be your BABY moving forward. 

Bonus #2: My Personal Rolodex of PR Contacts

Why hire a PR firm for $3500/m when you can have all my contacts and shoot them a quick line yourself for FREE when you join? 


Oh, and for the record, yes, I’ll tell you what to say when you reach out.

Bonus #3: My Template Vault


Listen, I am BUSY, and I’m not one of those “5 am” people, so I GET what it’s like to need to use your time wisely. 


As such, I’ve created a template for LITERALLY everything. These are my saving grace that make me look like I’m pushing Beyonce level productivity even on a bad day. 


And you can have them all. The Template Vault includes (but isn’t limited to): 


  • Email templates for contacting bookstores to get your books sold there

  • Email templates for contacting podcasts and asking to get featured

  • Emails templates for contacting schools

  • Emails to send influencers asking them to share your book

  • Author media kit templates

  • Contract templates for hiring illustrators, editors, etc

  • Canva templates to easily create journals

  • Canva templates for author sell sheets, 

  • Canva templates for anything you may need while publishing and promoting your book 

  • And a LOT more. 

Wouldn't you love to get results like this:



Look, I’ve seen SO many authors like yourself stuck at the same place for weeks, months, years even. 


And let’s be real, we’re human. So we can only sit in that “stuck” energy for so long until we give up completely. 


But the solution to start selling your books in BULK is SO simple and staring you right in the face right now. 


When authors are stuck because they don’t know where to start or what they should be doing, the EASY way to get moving is to find the SIMPLEST way forward.


And the answers you’ll get in this membership ARE simple in addition to affordable, and doable even for BEGINNER authors with ZERO experience. 


My methods are all about selling more by working less. 


Everything in The Success Society is created to guide you every step of the way to becoming a successful author who KNOWS how to sell. 


So next time someone asks you how sales are going over a cocktail, you can give them an answer that you’re PROUD of. 


You can tell them you’re getting results like this:

Now, I know what you’re thinking.
“Crystal, this sounds great. But tell me HOW MUCH already!”

Listen, I hope it’s a pleasant surprise. Because there are a LOT of people out there selling all kinds of coaching programs, courses, and masterminds for tens of thousands of dollars.

But frankly, I’m not here to take all your profit. I’m here to help you MAKE it!

So if you join now, you get access to ALL of this for…








  • Monthly Q&A Sessions
  • Monthly Masterclasses and Workshops
  • Monthly Expert Trainings
  • My Social Media Calendar
  • My Personal Rolodex
  • My Template Vault
  • Get 12 months for the price of 10!




  • Monthly Q&A Sessions
  • Monthly Masterclasses and Workshops
  • Monthly Expert Trainings 
  • My Social Media Calendar
  • My Personal Rolodex
  • My Template Vault
  • Get 12 months for the price of 10!

BUT REMEMBER: With inflation and the WILDERNESS that is the world these past couple of years, I can NOT guarantee the price will still be this low if you buy later, so please LOCK IT IN now if you want to keep it!


I asked one of my members what she thought of the program...   


 This was her response...


Check out what my clients and Society members have to say!


So, be honest, would it be worth it to join:

  • If ALL this did was get you over that 200 books sold hump and show you that you can make it, would it be worth it?


  • If ALL this did was show you how to get your OWN features in major publications, would it be worth it?


  • If ALL this did was give you the confidence to REALLY call yourself an author and mean it because your book is selling, would it be worth it?


So, when you look at it this way, $99 per month is not much if it means it finally puts you on the path of growing your book sales!


So, ready to finally start selling your books like a pro?

YES, I’m IN!

So, one more time, here’s what you get in The Author Success Society:

  • Monthly Q&A Session - worth $5000: Which gets my eyeballs (or a pro from my team) on your book and your process - AND you can ask me anything you want that’s book-related. That’s what people get in the VIP program and they pay 5k a day.

  • Deep Dive Masterclasses and Workshops: My masterclasses and training programs typically cost around $297 each but as a member, you'll get over 21 workshops that would normally cost you over $6000 total! This alone is worth the cost of admission...

  • Monthly Expert Training - Valued at $250 per hour: I’m talking financial experts, marketing pros, tax wizards…I’m underestimating their time here, for the sake of calculations, but you know how expensive these folks are. And hiring them separately would add up FAST. But you get them all here included in the total investment of $99/m

    And that’s just the membership. Don’t forget the bonuses!


    • My Social Media Calendar ($1200): Which hands you your social media posts for the entire YEAR on a silver plate. You can adjust them for your brand, or you can use them just as they are. It’s up to you.


    • My Personal Rolodex ($3000): You can hire a PR to do this for your money, or you can take that list, keep your 3k in your pocket, and do it yourself.

    • My Template Vault ($2500): You can hire a VA to write out all these emails, graphic designers to do these templates for you, lawyers to make these contracts for you OR you can use my templates and again - save those dollars!


From where I stand, you've got 3 options. 


Option #1: Do nothing and stay where you are.

If you feel like you're already making more than enough money from your books and you don’t think you could possibly learn anything new when it comes to publishing and marketing…

And if you think your current network already includes the accomplished authors you need to stay inspired and motivated to achieve more...


Then perhaps the Author Success Society is not for you.


But if you're like me, eager to continuously learn, evolve and connect with top-tier authors, you have two more options...


Option #2: Do the hustle solo.


You could set off on your own, deep-diving into an ocean of publishing blogs and YouTube channels...


Try to vibe with peeps in Facebook groups, keeping your fingers crossed they're riding the same wave...


And who knows? With a little bit of luck and hustle, you might just sell more books.


But if you're looking for a straight shot to the top...


That leads us to option #3.


Option #3: Join the Author Success Society and fast-track your success.


Inside the Society, you will learn the secrets to marketing and selling your books like a pro.


You'll be able to ask any and everything, and get the 411 from our supportive community of authors. And you'll make friends with people who are on the same journey, have overcome the same challenges you might be facing, and know how to help you move forward.


Which of these three options sounds best to you?


That's your decision to make.


But if you're ready to level up as an author and change your life with us, you can join the party by clicking the button below 👇🏾


Still Got Questions?