Hi, I'm Crystal Swain-Bates


I am an award-winning children's book author on a mission to normalize black characters in children's books. I have written and published 15 children's books and my most popular book, “Big Hair, Don’t Care” is one of Amazon’s most highly reviewed self-published children’s books. My books have been featured on TV shows, in commercials, and are sold all around the world. 

I'm a Diversity Publishing Pro.


(I didn't just make that up either, I actually won a medal for Diversity in Publishing!)


In addition to filling gaps in children's literature with my OWN books, I run a community of largely underrepresented aspiring authors who I teach to publish and sell their own books. Why?


Because I'm passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion in the publishing industry and it's my mission to make a real, lasting difference. 


Teaching empowers the people who never even knew they could write a book to become published authors and that's all the motivation I need.