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I’m Crystal Swain-Bates, a bestselling author with over 500,000 books sold and the force behind Self Pub Club.

Without guidance or resources, I spent a long time trying to understand exactly what it took to write, design, format, distribute and eventually market a book. 

I learned a lot on my first book’s journey to success, and I realized that no one else should have to struggle the way I did.

I’ve come a long way since publishing that first book. As a successful authorpreneur, you can read about me in the pages of Forbes or find me in a nationally televised Amazon commercial. But I have no plans to keep my self-publishing knowledge to myself.

Now I teach authors the two most essential ingredients to building a life of freedom:

1. The skills to publish their own books 
2. The knowledge to build a successful publishing business

So if you’re an aspiring author with a dream of publishing your book, earning passive income online, and designing a business and life you love, then you’re in the right place!